Monday, June 4, 2012

New project:

I made a new website over the weekend: a big database of etsians who love to trade! I've blogged about trading before and how it's such a spectacular way to combine my love of getting new things on etsy with my love of sending stuff I make OUT OF MY HOUSE but there's never been a great way to search for interested traders.

There are trade teams, of course, and some of them have a tag they encourage people to use on items, but lots of folks might not want to use a precious tag on something the average etsy shopper won't search for (and I have to say... I've had almost no search hits based on my use of team tags). There are other teams and blogs that attempt to compile exhaustive lists of traders and what they're looking for, but the information is out of date almost as soon as it's down, and it depends on one person doing so much work... just not a practical, sustainable solution, I think.

So now there's! Each shop owner enters their own wishlist and a sample of items they want to make available for trade. The database is searchable, and it automatically makes you a page of people who are looking for your items, and similarly priced goods up for trade.


Oh, and all the information automatically expires after it's 30 days old, so you know everything on there is fresh, the traders are recently interested, the shops are open for business and your odds are good.

If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them, but I'd like to invite all trade-happy etsians to sign up and tell us what you want to trade. There's no better way to show your love of etsy, I say!

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