Sunday, August 3, 2014

Download your Etsy team's member list

Based on some request from my fellow Etsy team captains over at the Captains' Quarters, I published a new widget this week:

Etsy Team Member Roster

You enter your Etsy team, and it generates the list of members in a big table that you can sort, copy to excel, or just review.

I was using a similar tool for my team - I needed to know which members of my team no longer had active etsy shops with listings, because as a trade team we need to know that as we're clicking around the member list looking for cool stuff to trade, we weren't wasting clicks on people who'd fallen off the face of the earth. We have a team policy stating that you either need six active listings, or a vacation announcement with a clear end date, otherwise we can remove you from the team. This app simplifies our search process too.

It also has a "divide into groups" function that works like this:
1) Every Etsy shop is assigned a number between 1-1000 based on the minutes and seconds that their shop was created... that makes the number pretty random, but it'll never change.

2) The list is sorted and divided into groups based on the assigned numbers. For instance if you say you want two groups, one group will be 0-500, the other will be 501-1000.

3) As new members are added they can change groups, but no one will ever move groups, as long as you use the same size chunks. For instance if you want to convo a different group of shops every month of the year, divide your list into 12 chunks. You'll end up with the same group every August, give or take new members, but no one will accidentally move from August to September.

In the trade team we use this for team convos... we divide up the list and each leader takes some shops to notify them about upcoming events. But I'm making sure we don't accidentally convo the same shop two months in a row. No need to bug anyone that much, I figure.

I'd be happy to add more capability to this if I understand how other team captains are using it, so let me know if this comes in handy for your team!

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you! What would be cool to add is the ability to have those who don't have shops also listed and put into a group. That would be helpful for other purposes. Jacqueline of Whimsy Favorites team.