Saturday, April 14, 2012

Featured Etsy shop: Shannybeebo

Today's featured artist is Shannon from Shannybeebo, who's been in the contest a number of times with some really cool unique items and currently holds our second highest winning average! You can find her shop at or twitter at @ShannybeeboR.

Teal  Wall Clock,  Painted Record ClockTeal Wall Clock, Painted Record Clock
by Shannybeebo

What got you started making things?
I started making handmade items at a very young age. My grandmother and mother taught me how to sew and it just kind of snowballed from that point. I started making gifts for people and making things for people who had empty spaces on their walls.

Upcycled Wall Clock,  Eclectic Magazine ClockUpcycled Wall Clock, Eclectic Magazine Clock
by Shannybeebo

How'd you choose paper as your medium?
I really love working with paper because you can do so much with the diferent colors and types of paper. You can sew, glue and layer paper to create all different styles and designs. Jewelry, clocks, art ...really anything you can think of can be created with some type of paper.

Shabby Chic Clock, Ready To ShipShabby Chic Clock, Ready To Ship
by Shannybeebo

Have any other tips for Etsy artists?
Stick to what you love and don't doubt your ability. People will know by your customer service and product how much you love what you do. Stay positive and take advice from other artist seriously, but with a grain of salt atmthe same time...if that makes sense. Remember, what works for some people might not work for you.

Wooden Wall Clock, Painted Wall Clock, Quartz ClockWooden Wall Clock, Painted Wall Clock, Quartz Clock
by Shannybeebo

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