Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Automatically leave etsy feedback, one whole page at a time

Wrote a handy new widget that might help some of you fellow sellers out!

I got a little behind on my Etsy feedback lately. And by "behind" I mean I had 20 pages of "awaiting feedback" for many, many customers.

It started creeping up to me in November when the holiday rush started, I remember seeing 8 pages and thinking "There is no way I'm going to click my mouse 50 times (or whatever it is) on 8 pages of feedback. If Etsy cared about this, they'd make it easier for me!" Even the batch feedback method was not fast. I complained about it in the ideas forum, asked for feedback to default to positive... no luck.

Then I got past Christmas to January, things slowed down but the feedback was still piled up, and I felt bad about it... I did have wonderful customers, and they didn't deserve to have low feedback scores just because I was too lazy to fill stuff in.

That's when I remembered bookmarklets - little browser widgets that make your life easier, that do things for you like automated clicking! I surfed around, found some example scripts, and wrote my own.

Here's how it works: First, right-click this link and add it as a bookmark or favorite. This works in Firefox and IE, maybe other browsers, I didn't test it everywhere.

Bookmark me!

Then go to your etsy feedback page and MAKE SURE you're in batch mode!

Go select the bookmark.

ta-da, everything is filled out for you on that page! Makes it awfully fast to drill through 20 pages of feedback, I will say that.

Update: Based on comments, I've created a new page for this:

Create your own auto-feedback script for Etsy

It will make you that bookmark-able link for an autocomplete bookmarklet, but you can enter the text you'd like to have it say. Nifty!


  1. How does this have NO comments? Absolutely wonderful little script. I only know html, but was able to go in and change the message and I had 5 pages of feedback done in seconds. Thank you! :) Oh, it works in Chrome too--just tried it.

  2. oh my goodness... this is amazing, thank you!!!

  3. My heart just went pitter patter. Thank you!!

  4. AWESOME!! Thank you SO much! Quick question - is there a way to put my own text in it instead?

    1. Hi! Good idea... I just created this tool to let you change the text: