Friday, May 11, 2012

Featured artist: Bri's Crafty Shop

I absolutely had to feature Bri, not just because she's in the top 30 winning averages now, but because she's my co-leader in the big etsy contest team where we chit-chat all day about the contest and wonderful things in it. She stepped up early with some good team-leading experience to help this newbie out and I just love her for it. Her mind-wandering in convos cracks me up too. Anyway she's doing well in the contest so, see, it's not like I'm biased or showing preferential treatment here, she really is a talented artist as well as an awesome person!

You can find her on facebook at, on twitter @BrisCraftyShop, and she blogs at

Blue and Purple Upcycled T-shirt Infinity ScarfApril 6th, 2012 - 68th place
Blue and Purple Upcycled T-shirt Infinity Scarf
by briscraftyshop

Tell us a bit about yourself
My name is Brianna but people call me Bri. I'm 26 years young and I live in upstate New York an hour from Manhattan with my son and spouse. I moved here and had my son last year this month. It was crazy!! I'm a California Native (though I was actually born in Manhattan) so I miss the West Coast and it's lack of humidity. Mostly I miss my family. But we still keep in touch.

ACEO Sugar Skull Matryoshka Marker Drawing with Fiery EyesACEO Sugar Skull Matryoshka Marker Drawing with Fiery Eyes
by BrisCraftyShop

What got you to open your shop on etsy?
Wow, It's almost a three year Etsy-versary for my shop!! I opened May 18, 2009 with the intent of making things to sell. I did make a few sales but it was nothing serious and I didn't really try. So after a while my shop sat empty and idle for a couple years =(
But a few months after my son was born I decided, it's time to reopen my Etsy Shop doors. I changed the store name but kept the random style. I joined a team (or 9) and got down to business making it look good. It still isn't up to par with what I'd like, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

Custom Birth Announcement Digital for BabyCustom Birth Announcement Digital for Baby
by BrisCraftyShop

What's your home like?
A lot of my friends like to compare me to June Cleaver. I don't know why though! My house is not spick and span. There's always a dish to be cleaned and tiny fingerprints everywhere. And Cheerios in everything!! But all that aside, we have many things in our house that inspire and delight us. Quilts on the walls along with posters and African art pieces. There's also an interactive piece I've got up for those who choose to help me create it, just grab a marker and go to town! And every window has a view of the mountain side we live on. It's a good thing our favorite color is green because that's what I see in these picturesque windows, trees and plants and flowers and more trees. Beautiful!

Ogalala American Indian Beaded Ruffle Necklace in Navy and GrayOgalala American Indian Beaded Ruffle Necklace in Navy and Gray
by BrisCraftyShop

Tips for other etsy artists?
Hmmm. Tips? Do what you love. Work smarter not harder. Make sure your policies are filled out, make sense, and aren't overwhelming (of course not everyone reads them but trust me it can save your behind later). Join a team or two that suit you. Have great photos for your hard work (listings), and brighten them up a bit. Work to 100 items if you can. Re-list when things sell that you can easily reproduce or have more than one of!! Promote others! (You're probably saying 'WHY?' and I can tell you, if you do it right you will be promoted a lot more if you promote others. Win/Win) Make treasuries and make them count! But above all else, HAVE FUN!! If you're not having fun then you should take a break and recollect yourself. Then start at the beginning of these tips again ^_^

Sugar Skull Envelope Hand Drawn Matryoshka Black Blue and PinkSugar Skull Envelope Hand Drawn Matryoshka Black Blue and Pink
by BrisCraftyShop

Have you bought anything cool off etsy lately?
I've bought so many awesome things from Etsians over the years. A passport cover with a vintage map that has gotten compliments from Mexico to Japan. For my birthday I bought from the shop a work of calligraphy art in the shape of a heart. I love typography!! She was able to put into words the love I have for my son. It is so beautiful. I proudly display it on the mantle over the fire place and someday will frame it and it will hang in my son's room.

Blue Leopard Print - 10 Secret Mini Animal Print Envelopes and papersBlue Leopard Print - 10 Secret Mini Animal Print Envelopes and papers
by BrisCraftyShop

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a nice piece about Bri, my daughter. This has been an afirmation of her artistry and dedication. What a great start to my day.