Saturday, May 12, 2012

Widget to find items with the same colors as your listing

Some of you know that the etsy contest is just one of many random little scripts I've written with the etsy API, it's just so darn fun to tinker with!

So I have a listing color It lets you put in a listing ID (these are easy to find) and it tells you items that match with it (I have a basic color app too, that just lets you put in a color)

Anyway I used the listing color search to find items that might go well with this week's Welcome Wednesday winner, a shop that opened seven days before the contest!

Here was her winning photo:

Twisted TreeMay 9th, 2012 - 1st place
Twisted Tree
by CalypsoPhotos

But I liked this one for the treasury:

by calypsophotos

I think it turned out just lovely.

'Natural golds' by spacefem

Great bold colors!



Hot / Cold "Corn&q...


Mid Century Dansk Dutch...


2 yard Vintage Sewing T...


Beautiful 1903 Oil PAI...


Brown Sea Beach Glass N...


Dill's Best Tobacco...


Mapa de Peru


golden pheasant


earrings- oriental roun...


Sunglasses Ring - Gold ...


Ipad desk stand


Scarf, hand crocheted t...


Adorable Kids Kiss-Vint...


Original Painting Love ...


Citrus Lime Batik Fabri...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

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