Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Etsy trade love and felted bowls

Last week Ruby from missyandme contacted me through the Etsy Trade-a-holics team, it's this group I'm in where everybody trades their etsy stuff and I LOVE IT!

Etsy trading combines my two favorite things:
1) Sending something that I've made out of my house
2) Having something handmade show up at my house (with no hit to my paypal account! It's like FREEE!)

Anyway Ruby made felted bowls like this so I had to go for the trade, I don't even remember what I sent her, but these were so worth it:

Bright Stripes  Felted Whatnot Bowls - Set of  3Bright Stripes Felted Whatnot Bowls - Set of 3
by missyandme

Trading on Etsy is easy:
1) You find someone on the team interested in a trade
2) You send them a convo proposing what you want in their shop and how much
3) They reply back yes or no, and the team is very clear about the fact that you're totally allowed to say no. Sometimes people get traded out, no harm done, no hurt feelings, it's okay!
4) You both buy stuff from each other's shop with "other" as the payment
5) When you get their stuff, you leave them feedback and mark their order from you as paid. Whall-ah!

My only trading pet peeve is when someone is vague in their initial convo, like they'll ask me for one little bag that's $8 but their shop has only $12 items. I'm like, "How do you see this working out, exactly?!" I wish they'd just say "I'll trade three bags for two of my necklaces" or "My necklaces are pricier but that's okay, I'll send you a $12 necklace for an $8 bag".

The trades usually aren't *exactly* even but that's not a problem as far as I'm concerned. When I send off slightly more than I'm getting I call it "trade karma".

But anyway, my felt bowls from Ruby were less than what I was sending her so I told her to throw in whatever she wanted to make it even, and she sent me monsters, like this one... OHMIGOD it was so cute I about died.

Sparky -Needle Felted Not-Me MonsterSparky -Needle Felted Not-Me Monster
by missyandme

She makes all these little cute animals that are just amazing:

Shawn Needle  Felted OwlShawn Needle Felted Owl
by missyandme

So yup, perfect. It's stuff like this that makes me love Etsy and love trading, especially.

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  1. I LOVE missyandme's shop!! I have traded for her lovely bowls as well (not sitting on my desk by my computer)