Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Design your own baby onesie!

A few months ago I published my baby onesie pattern and I am here to announce that I've since had my baby, and it fit! I'll update the other post with pics.

Then I got the bright idea to use my template to design some simple cut-and-sew patterns for my favorite fabric printing website, Spoonflower. I made three new designs for my geek baby collection... simple patterns that you just cut out and sew up.

And I'm totally fine with you doing the same thing, so here's the image template I used. It's basically a .jpg version of the printable pdf pattern, scaled for 150 dpi printing. Download the image, design your onesie, upload it to spoonflower, and it will print a perfect pattern on a fat quarter of organic cotton knit.

Feel free to comment here with whatever unique designs you've made with it, I'd love to see where it goes! You're welcome to use this for commercial purposes, but if you want to throw me a little publicity that'd be nice :)


  1. Replies
    1. Definitely newborn - that's as big as I could get to fit on one spoonflower fat quarter. I tried it on my baby when she was born and it was roomy, tried it on her again at 12 pounds and it was waaaay too snug.

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