Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my scrapbook paper generator

One day I wanted to print off some cute little bunting flags for another project and was having a heck of a time finding basic pattern images... we're talking stripes, chevrons, POLKA DOTS for heavens sake. So I started making my own. Then realized, since php has a nice simple colorizing filter built in, it'd be faster to write a program to set up my colors than it would to open each one individually. Then I realized, hey the rest of the world might like this too.

So that's how spacefem's scrapbook generator has been born.

It's pretty darn simple... you enter or click a color on the first page, it uses that color on all the patterns I've uploaded, and there are quite a few. Then if you like a pattern, you can click it for a bigger tiled version, or to see it in more colors.

Here's a nice Moroccan lattice quatrefoil that it came up with, I made the pattern myself and just liked the brown, but it's also available in other colors:

And here are ever-important chevrons, in blue... here they are in lots of colors.

So you get the idea. Whatever images you generate from the page are public domain, you can use them for whatever you darn well please. I felt like that was the nice thing to do. I can't believe some of the simple patterns that people are selling on etsy... I guess if you want to buy that stuff it's up to you! But I just needed something easy and customizable, and am happy to offer it out to the world. If you use it, or if you're into scrapbooking, I'd love some feedback and comments. And it's really easy for me to add new patterns, so if you want to contribute a tile or two let me know.


  1. This is really cool. Thank you for sharing it.

    Could you also implement an 'invert colour' option? That would allow patterns like coloured polka dots on a white background, etc.

  2. I'm so sad...this has been my GO TO...for years and now there is a 404 error! Hoping it is just an error.

  3. Hey Monica! I'll have to troubleshoot this a bit, not sure what's up. I do know that if you paste in the URL or start from http://spacefem.com/scrapbook it's still working - especially if you copy/paste the URL! I had to add some things to stop people from hyperlinking straight to the source, I think it's doing something wonky.

  4. this is SO incredibly FINE. thank you