Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finding Seller Opportunities on Etsy

Some of my blog posts are things that I find myself saying over and over again in the Shop Critiques Team... I write them here so I can link to the post instead of saying them over and over again.

Sometimes Etsy comes out with prototypes - little tests of new features - that are worth paying attention to. In my opinion the best prototype out there now is the Seller Opportunity Tools. They actually started in this in March 2012, then maybe just forgot about it, who cares.

The point is that it tells you thinks that people are searching for on Etsy, but that aren't flooded with tons of results. You type in a word, like "airplane", and it'll tell you that "Airplane Pillow" is a good opportunity (lots of searches, not much competition!) but "airplane jewelry" doesn't show up anywhere.

To use it, you have to join this awful, spam-ridden team: Seller Opportunity Tools Team

Then use the link on the side that says Find Inspiration.

You have to be a member of the team for the link to work - I tried leaving the team because it's just a mess, but then couldn't use the tool, so oh well I'm back in. But it's totally worth it.

Just one of the little tidbits I've snatched up along the way by being involved with Etsy teams. Happy to pass it along!