Sunday, July 22, 2012

More public domain patterns in the scrapbook paper generator

So last month I posted about my new scrapbook paper generator and I've gotten some nice things said about it in teams & pinterest, I'm really happy with it. I was inspired to add some more patterns this week - these are really fun to make! If you like designing patterns and want to get involved, shoot me a comment, I can take any 300 pixel seamless png file and add it to the repository for people to color to their heart's content.

Anyway on to the patterns! Like everything else, these are released into the public domain and very easy to recolor using the website.

Argyle shown here in maroon, but like I said, it gets recolored by the generator. I love it, it makes me think of socks.

Paisley I actually grabbed's single paisley off wikimedia commons, made it repeated and seamless, and it turned out really nice! Here it is in purple:

Sprinkled stars lots of simple five-point stars, shown here in blue:

Zany waves Last one... I have no idea who would want to use this but it's fun:

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