Monday, September 29, 2014

Our big Etsy trading team

Wanted to take a moment to brag about how excellent things are going over at Although the site opened in 2012, it's really taken off this year since yours truly inherited the team and recruited some brilliant new leaders! I have always loved trading, it's one of the things that kept me on Etsy all these years, and I've been able to find some wonderful things through the team lately.

Here's what we've got going on these days!

The Website has been maintaining a catalog of around 40,000 items from our team full of trade-friendly shops. Items are automatically deleted when they're 30 days old, so you know that anything you see there is new and up for trade. Team members can manually add their items and update their "looking for" lists or just be in the team and the website will randomly pull in a few of their items as it gets around to their shop - either way, there's a lot to look for. Traders looking to trade nearby can search shops by country, and we even introduced a shop of the day feature that points to a different shop every day so you can just enjoy the randomness!

The Events

The first saturday of every month we host a MegaTrade event where a bunch of us agree to hang out close to computers and make an extra special effort to trade. There's a list, a very busy chat thread, and a TON of trading goes on! Sure you can trade whenever you darn well please, but the event weekend gives you some extra motivation.

Our next event is Saturday October 4th and signup has already started - check for times. Even if you can't commit to a time, just stop in and say hi, some trading will happen!

Our Team Page

Last month Etsy announced that they were doing away with the homepage that featured one treasury for everyone on Etsy to view. Instead, the homepage is now your activity feed - kinda like pinterest or facebook, what you see depends on who you follow. So of course I want everyone to follow me, spacefem ( but if you like to trade, you will be thrilled to follow our team page:

Help us grow

Finally, if you love trading and are already proudly on our team, we'd love some help recruiting new members. If you see an Etsy shop you love, convo me and I will send them an invite. And we'd really like it if all team members would post something, anything, to the thread about our team in Etsy's new promo forum:

Finally if you have a blog, blog about us! You can use any of the graphics and screenshots I've used here in your post as long as they're used to link to our team & website, and I'll give you a shoutout on our team and from @EtsyTrades on twitter.

The more new shops we get every month the more stuff we get to pick to trade from, it's really fun to see new folks join so thanks for help spreading the word!